Alco-Screen Alcohol Test

Alco Screen

The Alco-Screen Alcohol Test was the first Saliva alcohol screening test on the market. Alco-Screen is a simple, cost-effective solution to detect alcohol use. Developed in 1984, you can trust Alco-Screen’s quality and rely on us as your partner in your alcohol testing program.

Alco Screen Saliva Alcohol Test | BlueGrass Drug Screen

AlcoScreen Test Instructions

1. Abstain from placing anything in the mouth for fifteen minutes prior to beginning the test. This includes non-alcoholic drinks, tobacco products, coffee, breath mints, food, etc

AlcoScreen Saliva Alcohol Test | Blue Grass Drug Screen

2. Open the foil package and remove the test strip. Observe the reactive pad on the end of the test strip. The pad should be a light cream color. If the test strip pad is a dark tan color discard it.

3. Saturate the reactive pad end of stick with saliva from mouth or sputum cup. Immediately start timer. Remove test pad/stick from mouth and wait just two minutes.

AlcoScreen Saliva Alcohol Test | Blue Grass Drug Screen

4. At two minutes observe the color changes (if any) in the reactive pad. A color change of green or blue indicates the presence of alcohol and a positive result. Results obtained after more than 2 minutes and 30 seconds may be erroneous. Compare test pad with the color chart printed on the back panel of foil package. Within 15 seconds choose the closest color match to estimate the alcohol concentration. Interpretation: Negative – No color change on reactive pad. Positive – Reactive pad changes color in 2 minutes

AlcoScreen Saliva Alcohol Test | Blue Grass Drug Screen

**Legal limit varies according to location.